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Premium Shield

Manufacturer: Premium Shield

Premium Shield is a strong, optically clear protection film designed to protect painted surfaces from severe stone impacts and road rash. Combining excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with a high shear and tack adhesive!

Will it diminish the apparearance of my car?

No! Premium Shield will protect your car from road rash, leaving it in showroom condition year after year while remaining virtually invisible.

Can Preminum Shield be washed and waxed?

Yes, you may wash and wax your vehicle as if Premium Shield were not present. In fact, our film loves wax!

Will my car's paint fade under the sun?

Yes. Premium Shield film is UV stable, but will allow UV rays to penetrate. This feature eliminates the "two shades" of paint problem resulting from traditional car "bras."

Can Premium Shield be removed?

Yes. Premium Shield uses a pateneted acrylic adhesive which can be safely removed without residue, even after being applied for years.



Upper Package (Hood and Fender Trim) $399.00

City Package (Hood, Fender Trim, Door Trim) $499.00

Platinum Package (City Package plus Paint and Interior Defense Pacakge) $798.00

Tailgate $385.00

Full Lower Bumper $399.00

Mirrors $25.00 each

Rocker Panels $399.00

Other options avaliable. We can protect your boat, motorcycle, atv, and more.

*Pricing subject to change. Note additional fees may apply depending on type of application and condition of vehicle.