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Boat Wraps

Posted by Michelle Fitzler on 04/07/2014

Spring has sprung and as the ice breaks up and floats away it's time to start thinking about getting out the boat. As you look at your boat that you haven't see in months...maybe you think to yourself "The ole girl is looking a little shabby", but you can't afford a new one, but maybe a little make over is all she needs!

Well thats where Make It Mine comes in, we have everything needed to get your girl back up to par and getting whistled at again. Whether you want a whole new color scheme and design, new letters for the name of your boat, or just need the state issued boat numbers reprinted, we can do that. Terry, our boat wrap specialist, has been installing wraps for several years and will walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

So contact us and get your boat scheduled and give the guys at the bait shop something to talk abot!