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A Testimonial

Posted by Mike Jouwstra on 11/20/2013

We recently experienced an unexpected setback when a piece of equipmentthat was scheduled to display at a show would not  be ready in time.

The show was an International show for Law Enforcement from around the world,  IACP Expo in Philadelphia.

With only a couple of weeks before the show we contacted Make It Mine and explained our situation.

We needed some wow facture to fill a 10’X20’ booth that would pull traffic in.

They studied our product and developed a theme telling our story via the use of large photo boards arranged in an arch that demonstrated a step by step visual of our surveillance machine.

They also created 6’ tall banners for the corners that made the machine look lifelike and gave it a sense of reality.

The crowning centerpiece of the display was a larger standup banner with a universe background and the American Eagle watching over the Earth,( the eye in the sky theme) that made people stop to take it all in.

Enough said about their products but the key to Make It Mine is their professional and experience staff with a can do attitude.

We have been in business since 1973 and it is refreshing to know there are Companies out there willing to go the extra mile, not just for  money but thesatisfaction of doing a better than good job.

Make it Mine Yours !


Mark DeJong

Silent Drive Inc.

1300 Arizona Place SW

Orange City, Iowa